An extract from the play

Uncle Sipho (to Tsepiso): Heeesh! The oldies are the besties.  I still remember when my Auntie Nandi used to move her big big bum on this song! Ah the fun we had back then in Johannesburg! Priceless! Ouh and uncle Timo, jived too, his big belly moving faster than him! He used to show me: this is how you do it! Like this, like this and like that! He even said: ‘if you don’t know the move, just sit down! You have to dance ‘pata pata’ correctly or not at all! Ah uncle Timo! He was in love with Miriam Makeba. There was one big poster of her in his shack, that nobody was allowed to touch or even to look at for too long. (A picture of Miriam Makeba is projected at the back of the stage). Miriam’s magnetic eyes and smile glowed under the words: ‘The shebeen singer, Venice film festival 1959’.  Uncle Timo even talked to her as if she was right there in that shack and not only on paper. Ayeee! Every so often, he used to say to this picture: ‘Hallo my sweety! One day you will come back home, don’t worry! Everybody will be there to welcome you like the queen you are, Mama Africa. We will celebrate the end of your exile in style Miriam!’ Ah Crazy uncle Timo! He used to call me….

Thandiwe’s voice: Siiiiiphooooooo!  SiiiiiiiPhooooo, where are you?

Uncle Sipho (to Tsepiso): Why is your mother calling me like this? You know child, there is one thing wrong with my twin sister: she ignores the importance of timing! (screaming to answer Thandiwe’s call): coming now!

Thandiwe’s voice:  You already told me 5 minutes ago ‘I am coming now now, I am coming now now…’

Tsepiso and Tumi are now giggling, amused by the dispute.

Uncle Sipho (loud): That’s not what I said. I told you: I am coming ‘just now’. I did not say to you ‘I am coming now now’.  Remember well! I said ‘I am coming just now’! If you are a real South-African you know the difference between ‘just now’, ‘now-now’ and ‘now’.


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